HRH Doom Vs HRH Stoner

Hail HRH

And if you're new to the HRH circle, then we would like to extend our humblest greetings to one of the closest circle of music enthusiasts on the planet. Last year HRH launched a new city experience in Sheffield, This event sold out 4 months, before it took place and we are now pleased to be staging our second "HRH City Experience" back at our Northern base in Sheffield, focusing this time on the Doom and Stoner genres.

HRH has always been at the epoch of creativity and challenging all conventional ways of staging musical events for some years and after selling all of 2016's multiple HRH events out up to 12 months in advance, we now roll into another totally new and exciting dimension with a 2 brand, 2 day, 2 stage affair with HRH Doom vs HRH Stoner. HRH Doom vs HRH Stoner will take place @ the O2 Academy Sheffield on the 1st and 2nd October 2016 and will stage 30 bands from the world of Doom n Stoner over the two days.

We will also be featuring three exclusive HRH Hotels on the doorstep of the O2 which will include Royalty, VIP n Classic packages, however if your local and you just need weekend passes then that's fine with us. We are truly excited about this new project as are our sponsors, Metal Hammer,Classic Rock Mag, Team Rock Radio and HRH TV, plus the multitude of bands who will be doing what they do best in this truly amazing brand experience. See you there for "The Sheffield Trip", this October


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  • It was great to meet you all. I can happily say it was the best weekend I have had for an extremely long time. I actually spent time socialising and saw less bands than I intended but who cares
    Winny - HRH Forum.
  • We made it home safe. Thanks for an awesome weekend guys, can't wait for the next one!
    Beamiegoth - HRH Forum.
  • Last year's HRH was fantastic, but for me this one was on a completely different level. It was so great to meet up with friends from HTH and to meet so many people for the first time. Thanks all so much for a stunning weekend .... and the bands were pretty good too!!!
    Dawn Patrol - HRH Forum.
  • Where do I start ??
    Another fine HRH over and a quick roundup.

    Socially, by far the best HRH EVER for me, far too many people to mention but I made more friends this year than all others combined, the true family feel came over strong and my Missus was totally overwhelmed at the amount of people who came over and introduced themselves and chatted. A special thanks to Russ for the great fun during Airbourne's set, he got a load of us up and dancing, slapping his ass !!!!!! and generally being a star. Shakeys wife Jackie was brilliant with her arm waving while Shakes was trying to take photo's ...priceless.
    AllTomorrowsPartys - HRH Forum